Roborock brings new cleaning skills to its robot vacuum cleaners at CES

Roborock is one of the biggest names in the vast world of robotic vacuum cleaners. At the ongoing CES 2023, the company has unveiled its new Roborock S8 line of three products, including those with advanced self-cleaning capabilities.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is the most exciting robot vacuum of all, boasting a maximum suction power of 6000Pa, a new double rubber roller brush inspired by what another great iRobot brand offers. The dual brush is ideal for removing pesky pet hair, and the cleaning system can retract 6mm to avoid problems when returning to the station. While brushes may not seem as impressive as lidar mapping, AI obstacle avoidance, or an automatic reset station, the big problem with most robot vacuums is the infamous center brush, which quickly gets tangled in the brush hairs. This new system marks the end of these problems. The front brush brushes are also much larger than most competitors.

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It also uses an innovative mopping system (called VibraRise 2.0) that washes floors 3,000 times a minute and is strong enough to handle just about anything that comes its way.

In addition to the retractable mop and improved roller brush, the S8 Pro Ultra has learned a few new docking tricks. The robot will automatically clean the mop and empty the bin, but its coolest feature is a warm air dehumidifier that ensures there is no mold or odor between each cleaning session.

Very complete Roborock S8 lineup

The new S8 Series includes the S8 Robot Vacuum and Mop ($749.99), the S8 Plus ($999.99) that comes with the RockDock auto-drain dock, and the S8 Pro Ultra ($1,599.99). . USA). A more advanced version of the S8 with a RockDock Ultra that empties the trash can, cleans the mop and refills the water tank by draining dirty water.

Both of the new S8 robots have AI-assisted obstacle avoidance and a built-in mop that automatically rises a few millimeters when it detects carpet, so you don’t wipe it with a damp cloth. The S8 series is due out in April, so we’ll have a chance to talk more about it.

Roborock is also adding a smart broom to its line of vacuum cleaners with the $449.99 Dyad Pro, a wet-and-dry vacuum that can pick up liquids and vacuum your carpets and floors without a hitch. Roborock claims that with 17,000 Pa suction power, the Dyad Pro can pick up clutter up to 1mm from the wall, automatically adjusts cleaning power and water flow, and dispenses cleaning solutions appropriately for different pollution scenarios, depending on the company. Although you have to push it, not everything is manual labor.

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After each cleaning, Dyad Pro is automatically cleaned and dried. It will be available in January.


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