Roborock S7 Pro Ultra Review: Our Opinion

Since the beginning of the year, we have been able to discover a new generation of robotic vacuum cleaners. Larger, but also more expensive, they allow you to do more in the first place, while limiting user actions such as cleaning the mop between each wash or emptying the dust bin. What else could we expect?

And yet the manufacturer Roborock has released another new model, but this time solving one of the pain points of its latest model. S7 MaxV Ultra : Price. The brand new benchmark has indeed been on sale since July 2022 and looks exactly like the latest model: the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra. Let’s find out what are the common points and differences in this model, offered at a more affordable price.

When unpacking, you will find exactly the same set of accessories, i.e. station, robot and dust bag. The station is identical in every way and retains its imposing appearance, only the color changes with a predominance of white this time.

Another dust bag is already installed in the device in the far right container.

dust bag

The two left containers can be removed and transported using the handle. One will be used for storing clean water, the other for dirty water, which will need to be drained from time to time.


Below you can see the system used to clean the mop during cleaning or after each session. This is a rotating brush mounted on a guide that moves from left to right. On the right, a filter is used to prevent the rise of large impurities. It can be easily removed for cleaning.

Based on our experience with the S7 MaxV and this very station, we note that after several passes through floors with a lot of material, this part gets dirty over time. If the filter is easy to clean, access to this space, as well as to the brush on the guide, is difficult. In the case of very dirty floors (in particular, a lot of animal hair) it will be better to make a separate pass with only vacuuming if you want to avoid this chore after a few weeks. However, nothing is unacceptable.


The robot itself is different from MaxV, which had a camera on the front. This time we only see sensors for navigation. Hence the savings: no object recognition or the ability to control the house through video. If the performance is there, these two features are not essential.

On the other hand, we keep the three control buttons on top and all the features of the talented S7 MaxV, in particular the suction power of more than 5000 Pa and the vibrating mop.


Under the hood, the internal dust bin can be removed should it ever need to be emptied manually, which it won’t, as the station will take care of it. The same goes for the water tank she refills every time she goes to the station, even while cleaning.


The underside of the device is also familiar. We only note that the mop holder is now fixed. There’s really no reason to delete it, the cleanup happens automatically. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to remove it for passage in the car in order to carry out a deeper cleaning. This will be less practical, but very rare.


Once in place, music sounds and a voice in English announces the start of charging. That doesn’t stop you from continuing the setup guided by the Roborock app, which is just as clear: code scanning, home WiFi information, etc. It also gives some common sense advice.


The display has not yet been done in the interface. Basic options are available quickly, but you’ll have to go into settings to ask our S7 Pro Ultra to speak French to us. The loudspeaker is clear, the phrases are clear.


There are many other possibilities in the parameters, such as the choice of avoidance method. By default, the S7 Pro Ultra will raise the mop when it detects carpet and continue vacuuming, but you can also choose not to do this at all.


It remains only to run a quick mapping. This is a nonsuction pass during which the robot quickly runs through the available rooms and forms a fairly accurate first view of the fireplace.

Quick Map

The following passes allow you to further refine the map, as well as resize rooms, place barriers or virtual blocking zones so that our robot avoids places where it can get stuck.

Map editing

There are not many of them because he is quite agile, for example chairs are not a problem for him, and as long as the available space is large enough to walk through, he manages to move around vacuuming and washing surfaces, which he can achieve.


He correctly identifies the stairs and stops in time to avoid falling. On the other hand, the lack of momentum to start moving again in the other direction, having overcome the 1 cm mark, creates certain difficulties for him. If he succeeds in the end 2 times out of 3, the virtual barrier will save time and guarantee the passage without difficulty.


The same can be said about the crossbar of our bay window, that it passes without difficulty, provided, however, that it is crossed straight or obliquely. It happened to get stuck during the passage in the direction of the length. And here, the division of rooms and / or a virtual barrier allows you not to interfere.

bay window

The suction with a power of over 5000 Pa is very good, even at the edges thanks to the side brush that knocks down the dust. Sensors allow you to follow the contours of the parts very precisely.


The same cannot be said for washing, as the mop cannot reach the part closest to the edges. Therefore, when tasks arise, it will be necessary to configure it manually, which, unfortunately, is typical for all models of vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

Edge washing

One of the big advantages of this model is the mechanism that allows you to lift the mop. Therefore, there is no manipulation required only for the vacuum cleaner, otherwise, inform the app before starting the cleaning session. On the other hand, when carpet is detected, our S7 Pro Ultra automatically raises a part that can dampen textile floors. It also increases suction power for greater efficiency.


So the experience is pretty good for this model, comparable to S7 MaxV Ultra. Aside from the much more affordable price of this Pro Ultra version, the difference is the lack of video. Thus, a cable left in the middle of the path will not be recognized due to object recognition. Apart from the possible video surveillance, this is the only thing that could have paid 300 euros more.

It’s in a good position to compete with Ecovacs’ Deebot X1 Omni, which has a builtin camera for the slightly more expensive one, but doesn’t have the ability to raise the mop, so it can be reserved for hard floors. If you need efficient cleaning but the price is out of your budget, the Roborock S7 achieves equivalent results with a little extra fiddling to position and clean your mop.

So, despite its hefty size, the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra could take its place in many homes in the coming months. If he does almost everything automatically, then the passage along the edges with a sponge is still necessary. Care must also be taken not to leave small objects nearby or cables too small to be detected.

Otherwise, we can trust him with very efficient cleaning and cleaning of our textile floors, tiles and other parquet floors. And all this without having to tell him the places where he only needs to vacuum and wash. Its agility and editable mapping will allow you to make just one gesture in the app after a few adjustments to find clean floors without getting tired.

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