Roborock S8 Getting Started –

Robot vacuum cleaners have been in homes for several years and are regularly improved with innovations that make them easier to use and provide autonomy with stations that collect dust and take care of cleaning the mop or filling the tanks.

But not everyone wants to have an imposing model at home or does not have all these useful features. As such, Roborock is thinking of ditching its products, offering a more affordable model in terms of price, as well as a less bulky one. This is the case of Roborock S8, the evolution of the very popular and successful
Model S7for a long time remained in his place in our Choosing the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

We have kept a very similar design with a slight evolution on the hood, where the manufacturer added undulating reliefs. The mop holder comes in a single copy, the second would not hurt, but the accessory is easy to find in online stores. The charging stand is quite discreet and suitable for small spaces.

On the front, there are three control buttons above the device that allow you to control it without necessarily opening the app. From the front, the Reactive 3D system identifies objects to avoid them. It will perform equally well day and night thanks to infrared vision and an LED that turns on automatically in the dark.


Under the hood, nothing has changed from the dust collector and water tank. They are easy to remove and need to be emptied or refilled after one or two cleanings depending on the amount of debris and dust picked up by the robot cleaner.


The novelty of the S8 model is located under the device. No more than one cleaning brush, now there are two rubber brushes. According to the manufacturer, this system limits hair tangles and optimizes absorption. The latter increases and reaches 6000 Pa.


Commissioning is still simple and consists of connecting the robot to a WiFi network so that it can obtain home wireless network IDs. After a few minutes, the device is ready for use and starts charging as soon as it is placed on the station.


Roborock didn’t take too many risks with this development, betting on the success of their old S7 model. This article will be completed shortly after the device passes the usual mapping, vacuuming, and cleaning tests. It will go on sale March 17 for €699, but the introductory offer should let you get it at a lower price for a limited time.

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