Robot chess player breaks opponent’s finger –

This is a rare event that happened this weekend in Moscow. During the tournament, the robot, controlled by artificial intelligence, faces several opponents (here with three). Although this mechanical arm never suffered from any kind of malfunction, it brutally grabbed the opponent’s finger to the point of breaking it.

According to the Vice-President of the RCF, this will be the first such case. And although the next day the little boy was able to play again, his parents demanded that an investigation be opened.

Rules to follow

According to the first elements, the child would not follow certain safety rules. In theory, there should be a certain amount of time between two maneuvers to give the robot time to process the information.

By rushing for his next move when the robot’s movement is not yet complete, it caused a situation. An unfortunate incident (with limited consequences) that should nudge the developers into a quick fix.

Indeed, even if there are rules to avoid such incidents, it is difficult for a seven-year-old child to realize that a hasty gesture can affect his safety. To find out if the organizers will provide an age limit while waiting for the car to be updated.

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