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A robot dog shows up in a YouTube video filmed in a private home. Armed with a machine gun, he provoked a reaction from many Internet users.

Last March, a video of a robot dog and his assault rifle appeared on YouTube, very similar to the Boston Dynamics Spot video. In late July, it spread across social media and went viral on Twitter. Please note that Spot is developed by Boston Dynamics. This four-legged, dog-like robot is designed to be fully configurable, rugged and easy to operate in difficult or harsh environments. The robot can even climb stairs, and its waterproof “fur coat” allows it to go outside even in the rain.

Not a perfect copy

The video, which sometimes switches to first-person view like in Call of Duty, is therefore a copy of Spot. The robotic dog featured in the video appears to be able to “absorb the recoil of individual shots, provided they are fired one to two seconds apart,” notes Futura Tech. On the other hand, serial shots are a more difficult task. Indeed, in order to shoot serially, the robot first leans back and each time must change position in order to regain balance after the shot. This causes barrel recoil. The video does not indicate if the dog is firing on its own or if someone is pulling the trigger remotely from the camera.

Robot dogs are on the rise

According to Futura Tech, this will be Unitree’s Go1. The robot dog is sold on AliExpress for between 3,000 and 4,000 euros. By comparison, the Spot costs $74,500 or €72,700. The gun attached to the dog appears to be the Russian PP-19 Vityaz. This is a submachine gun based on the AK-47. Recall that last year a similar robot was introduced by the American company Sword International. Briefly, she placed an assault rifle in the back of an unmanned four-legged robot built by the Philadelphia-based company Ghost Robotics. Sword International then dubbed it SPUR, which stands for Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle.

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