Robot Lidl: Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus returns

The multifunctional Lidl robot is back in stores for the start of the school year, and its new price will make people happy! All information about the next Monsieur Cuisine de Silvercrest sale in 2022.


[Mis à jour le 23 août 2022 à 12h16] The multifunctional robot Silvercrest returns to Lidl from August 25, 2022. This time it’s the Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus, which will be offered for sale by the brand at a hard discount.

The Lidl robot will be sold for 179 euros instead of 229 euros as during the last sale in March 2022. For this limited edition, 25,000 pieces of Monsieur Cuisine will be available in 1,570 brand stores.

When is the Monsieur Cuisine sale scheduled?

The Monsieur Cuisine Édition Plus robot will arrive at all Lidl stores in France from August 25, and the sale will continue until stocks last. The last sales were in March and June 2022.

What is the price of Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus?

Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus will be sold for 179 euros – a discount that will please buyers. In March 2002, this model was sold at a price of 229 euros instead of the original price of 359 euros.

Where can I buy Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus?

Like all products of the Lidl brand, the Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus robot is only available for purchase in 1570 Lidl France supermarkets and while stocks last. Lidl robots cannot be bought online. They also cannot be pre-ordered or reserved. However, some sites resell used Silvercrest robots if you don’t want to wait for the next sale.

What is Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus?

Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus is one of the old models of entry-level multifunctional robot. Like all Monsieur Cuisine, this Lidl robot is a practical everyday cooking accessory for the whole family and, above all, an alternative to other offerings on the market such as Cookeo by Moulinex or Thermomix. Its price remains the same low compared to competitors.

Features of the Monsieur Cuisine Plus Edition food processor from Lidl

The advantage of Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus is that it replaces several kitchen utensils that you already have in your kitchen and that clutter you up. It can knead, grind, steam and even weigh for you. Thanks to 10 speeds, turbo mode and pulse mixing function, you can cook delicious pastries or savory dishes. There are also many accessories such as:

  • mixing bowl
  • cooking basket
  • Drummer
  • putty knife
  • Knife
  • Steam cooking set with lid and basket

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Features Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus

Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus has several automatic functions and programs such as Turbo, Kneading, Roasting or Steaming. Built-in scales allow you to directly weigh food. Its software also allows you to create shopping lists and a weekly recipe diary. And like all models, all of its accessories are machine washable, so the hard work of dishwashing is no longer necessary.

What is the difference between Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine?

If its price is the main argument, Monsieur Cuisine is less effective than Thermomix. 1000 W versus 1500 W for the Vorwerk robot. At the same time, it has more capacity: 3 liters versus 2.2 liters for the TM6. Its scales are also less accurate than the thermomix, which weighs your food down to the gram. Monsieur Cuisine, like the Thermomix, has an arsenal of skills: it mixes, grinds, emulsifies, kneads and mashes while weighing and cooking your food. As such, this is an entry-level robot that does its job very well.

Where can I find Lidl robot recipes?

Mr. Kitchen is in many homes, but what to cook on? The multifunctional robot comes with a bound recipe book. There are also several other books: for lovers of baking, light cooking, there is something for every taste and every desire. Discover special recipe books for Monsieur Cuisine, Lidl’s master robot.

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