Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Hosome Robot Vacuum Mopping Machine 2200Pa Silent Automatic …

  • [2200Pa Aspiration forte & super mince, conception silencieuse] Hosome robot vacuum cleaner adopts premium brushless motor with suction up to 2200 Pa. Unique “cochlea” design produces less than 55dB of noise (In its common sense, the word noise comes close to the main meaning of the word sound ….). The height (Height has several meanings depending on the area covered.) product body is only 2.2cm, which not only makes it aesthetically pleasing, but also easily penetrates the bottom of most furniture for deep cleaning.[Energy class (CLASS (CLS) est un célèbre groupe de l’underground informatique. CLASS a cessé son…) A +++]

  • [Aspirer / nettoyer le nettoyage efficace 3 en 1] With its 2 side brushes and its filtration (Filtration is a separation process to separate the …) highly efficient, G9070 robot (A robot is a mechatronic device (combining mechanics, electronics and …) vacuum cleaner can quickly clean up dust, residue from paper (Paper (from Latin papyrus) is a material made from fibers …) and other waste. In addition, the cleaning function and the water tank to ordered (Order: term used in many fields, generally it designates an order or a …) 300 ml electronics guarantee optimal penetration. 150? cleaning area.

  • [“S” planification (La planification est la programmation d’actions et d’opérations à mener) de trajectoire (La trajectoire est la ligne décrite par n’importe quel point d’un objet en mouvement, et…) & capteurs (Un capteur est un dispositif qui transforme l’état d’une grandeur physique observée en une…) infrarouges intelligents] By adopting the technology (The word technology has two meanings of fact :) of gyroscope (A gyroscope (from the Greek “which looks at the rotation”) is a device which exploits the …), Hosome robot vacuum cleaner can perform “S” path planning to avoid repeated cleaning and improve efficiency. In addition, there are many groups of infrared sensors on the body, which can effectively identify obstacles and prevent collisions and falls. The 4M boundary strips form an effective barrier zone.

  • [APP Contrôle (Le mot contrôle peut avoir plusieurs sens. Il peut être employé comme synonyme d’examen, de…) à distance et fonctionne avec Alexa] Hosome robot vacuum cleaner can use the APP for remote control and Alexa voice control. You just need to download the “Robot Cleaner” from theApp Store (The App Store is a distributed mobile application download platform …). You can then turn the robot on / off, set schedules or activate other functions, or check the trajectory of the robot. shifting (In geometry, a displacement is a similarity that preserves distances and angles …) in time (Time is a concept developed by humans to understand …) real on the phone (The telephone is a communication system, originally designed to transmit voice …), which will make your life (Life is the name given :) of House (A house is a medium-sized building intended for the dwelling of a family, …) more wonderful intelligent.

  • [6 Modes de nettoyage & chargement (Le mot chargement peut désigner l’action de charger ou son résultat :) automatique (L’automatique fait partie des sciences de l’ingénieur. Cette discipline traite de la…)]Hosome autonomous robot vacuum cleaner has 6 cleaning modes (automatic / scheduled / scheduled cleaning, etc.), fully meeting the different needs of household cleaning. Self-charging design ensures that the robot will automatically return to the charging station via induction infrared (Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation of one wavelength …) when the battery is low, then back to its original location to continue cleaning after a charge (The payload represents what is actually …) complete.

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