Robot vacuum cleaner: low price for a quality product, Leclerc drives you crazy!

Why put up with the chores around the house when a robot can do it for you, especially when it’s on sale for a particularly low price?

The E.Leclerc brand has decided to offer a very nice promotion with a 45% discount on the Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 45 robot vacuum cleaner. So now you have the opportunity to take advantage of the reduced price of 147.74 euros instead of the previous one. regular 269.99 euros. This offer is a website exclusive, your purchase must be made directly on the brand’s official website. Shipping is completely free and you have a withdrawal period of 14 days.

Able to vacuum both hard floors and carpets or carpets, the Rowenta X-plorer Serie 45 robot vacuum cleaner leaves a perfectly clean surface after passing through. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner is fully programmable.

Finally a big brand robot vacuum cleaner available for everyone!

The Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 45 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor that drives a turbo brush, as well as 2 rotating side brushes to remove dust, including in corners and along walls. You get 3 cleaning modes depending on the difficulty. Built-in sensors allow it to avoid all types of obstacles as well as stairs. Very discreet, the level of the emitted sound is only 65 dBA. The dust container with a capacity of 0.4 liters ensures perfect autonomy, optimized by a battery that can power the device for 150 minutes. It takes only 6 hours to fully charge. Customizable with any Android or iOS smartphone, the robot vacuum is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. Take advantage of the Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 45 robot vacuum cleaner offered by E.Leclerc for only 147.74 euros.

Click here to take advantage of E.Leclerc’s offer for the Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 45 robot vacuum cleaner.

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