Robotics: Algerian Redwan Damos invents the world’s fastest robot

A French team of researchers and engineers led by Redwan Damos, an Algerian research teacher based in France, has developed a miniature robot called MiGriBot (Miniature Grip Robot) “capable of manipulating micrometric objects barely visible to the ‘naked eye'”. at a speed and precision never seen before,” the University of Franche-Comté said in a press release. “MiGriBot is a miniature robot capable of lifting and placing sub-millimeter-sized objects with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

It is able to capture and manipulate micro-objects barely visible to the naked eye (from 40 micrometers to several hundred micrometers, microns). MiGriBot can perform 720 micro-object capture and lower operations per minute with sub-micrometer precision. These characteristics make it the fastest robot in the world on all scales!” welcomed by the same source. “This robot will be used to assemble microelectromechanical and optical systems (MEMS/MOEMS) used in the electronics industry, where speed requirements are constantly increasing. Thanks to its speed and compactness, more than 2,000 robots can be placed on 1 m2, performing more than a million operations per second, ”the press release says.

This work was carried out under the ANR MiniSoRo project and funded in part by the Grand Besançon Métropole. The results of this work were published on August 25, 2022 in the prestigious journal Science Robotics. The RoMoCo research team from the AS2M department of the FEMTO-ST Research Institute consists of Maxence Levesiel, Wissem Howas, Guillaume J. Laurent, Mikael Gauthier and Redwan Damos.

The latter, the project leader, is also the inventor of the robot and head of the research team. Redwan Damush holds a degree in Government Electronics Engineering from the University of Science and Technology. Houari Boumediene (USTHB) in 2005, M.Sc. in Engineering from Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris (Sorbonne Universities) in 2006, then Ph.D. degree in Automation and Robotics from the University of Clermont-Auvergne in 2010.

He currently teaches at the Université Franche-Comté where he is responsible for an International Master’s degree in Automation/Robotics and a researcher at the FEMTO-ST Institute where he leads the Research Group on Robotics, Simulation and Control (RoMoCo). . He has three invention patents to his credit and has received several awards and distinctions, including the Micron d’OR and the prestigious Charles Deffory Team Award. In 2019, he also worked as a visiting researcher at Laval University in Canada for a year.

Damush is currently conducting research and technology transfer in the field of precision robotics designed for advanced medical and industrial applications.

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