Rocket League has a new collaboration with Fast & Furious

Always making its way, Rocket league came to make a stop during the Summer Game Fest 2021 to tell us about the return of a very popular license: Fast & Furious. Already in the spotlight via a content pack offered in 2017, the motorized saga thus signs its second participation inside the footcar game of Psyonix.

A new vehicle joins the garage

On the menu, we find three cars: the Nissan Skyline, the Dodge charger – already offered via the first Fast & Furious pack – and the brand new Pontiac Fiero, accompanied by 20 stickers, including 3 titled Reel Life and taken from the film, to customize your cars.

Here is the detail of the elements available inside the pack sold at a price of 2400 credits:


  • Pontiac Fiero Fast & Furious wheels
  • Fast & Furious Pontiac Fiero Wheels (Black)
  • Flames Decal
  • Bands Decal
  • Pro circuit sticker
  • Wings Decal
  • Lightning bolt decal
  • Sticker Reel Life


  • Dodge Charger Fast & Furious Wheels
  • Fast & Furious Dodge Charger Wheels (Black)
  • Alameda Decal
  • Flames Decal
  • Good Graces Decal
  • Rally sticker
  • Sinclair Decal
  • Heist Decal
  • Sticker Reel Life


  • Nissan Skyline Fast & Furious Wheels
  • Nissan Skyline Wheels (Black) Fast & Furious
  • 2Bold Decal
  • 2Cool Decal
  • 2Tuff Decal
  • Clean cut sticker
  • Last straight line sticker
  • Decisive player sticker
  • Sticker Reel Life

Note that, as usual with the grouped arrival of several vehicles, it is quite possible to acquire the vehicles separately as well as their dedicated cosmetic items at the unit price of 1,000 credits.

Also, for those who already own the Nissan Skyline and / or the Dodge Charger and wish to collect the new stickers, they will be able to benefit from a pack upgrade at the price of 300 credits each.

Finally, other small elements are added to the customization, such as the title “Tuna, No Crust” recoverable for free, or the player’s anthem “Furiosa”, the music of Anitta that can be heard at the course of the trailer.

This second Fast & Furious DLC pack will arrive in Rocket league the June 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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