Roddy Piper’s Daughter Makes AEW Dark Debut

On January 6, 2023, AEW premiered their Battle of the Belts and Rampage shows, but the company also took the opportunity to record matches for their upcoming Dark shows.

Roddy Piper’s daughter, Teal Piper, had her first match on the dark side of AEW. Teal Piper teamed up with Rebel Kel to take on Tay Melo and Anna Jay:

This AEW Dark match will go live next week, usually on AEW Dark on January 10, 2023.

This was Teal Piper’s second fight in AEW since she competed in the Casino Battle Royal All Out 2019 when she was just starting her wrestling career. Since then, she has gained experience with WOW and various companies in the independent scene. We’ll have to watch 2023 on Teal Piper’s side and see if she manages to secure a permanent contract with the wrestling company.

Photo Credit: @ArielTeal

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