Roidmi Eve Plus review: a smart laser vacuum fit for a Jedi

After having tested the powerful Imilab V1 robot vacuum and its suction station, today let’s take a look at another robot vacuum cleaner of the same type, the Roidmi Eve Plus. Therefore, it is a vacuum cleaner that comes with its pick-up and pick-up station that allows you to stop worrying about maintenance.

At least much less often than a classic robot vacuum cleaner as the station pickup bag with a 3L capacity leaves plenty of room before you worry about it.

The station is already stocked with one bag, and there are two more in the box, enough to see coming and not think about maintenance for a long time.

Like a taste of deja vu!

Having the Imilab robot at home as well, the resemblance is eerie. Not so much after all, as this Roidmi Eve Plus has the compatible Mija stamp. Understand by this that Roidmi is none other than a brand also belonging to Xiaomi. It makes you wonder if there is a Chinese robot that is not closely or remotely linked to Xiaomi! Anyway, then you benefit from all the know-how of the giant in the field, a good point therefore.

If the similarities are close, however, there are many different points. The design is almost identical but this Roidmi has its own personal identity. The only thing in common is this 98 mm thickness, which runs the risk of preventing it from passing under certain low furniture.

As for its brushes, it is unlikely to pass, since the latter is equipped with two rotating brushes associated with a central brush. Enough to allow you a quick and above all effective cleaning.

State-of-the-art laser navigation

The first thing that strikes you when you turn on this robot for the first time is undoubtedly the speed and precision of its laser. Launched for the first time on the landing of the floor, the latter after having traveled only a small meter had already scanned almost the entire floor. The precision is such that it even identified the rise of the stairs and the bars of the railing.

A mapping very true to reality

As mentioned before, the laser is very efficient and allows the robot to locate itself in space very easily and map its surroundings very precisely.

Flawless space detection

The first pass is also a good test in terms of space analysis and is flawless for this robot that simply identified all the rooms on the floor with no problem.

The app then allows you to adjust as needed or even name the rooms and indicate forbidden areas. Practical to prevent the robot from entering the shower for example.

Very good obstacle management.

In addition to small objects and electrical cables, real annoyances of robot vacuum cleaners in general, this robot has a very good obstacle detection motor. It does not crash, it navigates easily between obstacles and narrow passages, nothing to complain about, except that it still lacks detection of electrical cables that are true traps for robots.

Proper mop cleaning, but could do better

If washing management is a plus, this robot, like many now, offers mop washing in addition to vacuuming but don’t expect an identical result to a real floor wash with a good old classic mop either. However, the function is still useful in additional cleaning. My house is 90% equipped with floating floors, this cleaning method has the advantage of not depositing too much water on the floor and preserving the life of the parquet.

Bonus, by adding a little detergent to the water in the tank, the robot will take care of spreading a good cleaning smell as well as erasing surface traces. It is not a robot mop, it is above all a robot vacuum cleaner and, for this part, it is there!

No remote control, but a complete and well-designed mobile app

It is a standard since the generalization of robot vacuum cleaners connected in Wi-Fi, the remote control is no longer it, but at the same time, what use would it continue to have apart from collecting dust? In fact, the remote leaves its place to a dedicated smartphone app and it’s probably not that bad. The application allows you to do everything, both to see the progress and to trigger the cleaning or manage the schedule. Finally, the latter will also be an accessory once the programming has been correctly adjusted and a link with a connected assistant has been established.

We saw it just before, the space management is great in the app, I have no complaints. The different menus available are very easy to use, almost all and with two clicks. There are no endless sub-menus with functions that you sometimes have to search for for a long time. Contains the essential elements to manage your robot. From the consumable counters to programming, not forgetting the remote control for the nostalgic, it’s all there. The translations are good in all the menus, we only regret that it is not possible to modify the voice of the robot that speaks in English.

Well thought out and highly advanced programming

The programming of the passages is simple and very complete. We define the recurrence of course, but also the areas of passage according to the parts identified by the robot. This allows for multiple cross programming if you want to clean the rooms in the house at different times. Not all robots offer this advanced programming mode and some models do not. This will not be lacking in the Roidmi Eve plus because it has been thought of!

Is this Roidmi Eve Plus compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa?

It’s a standard again, few connected objects coming out today cannot be controlled with the voice of your favorite voice assistant. This Roidmi Eve Plus is no exception to this rule with an Alexa skill and a Google Assistant service. Bonus that is good to underline, the Roidmi application does not require the creation of a heavy account with a password, but simply to indicate an email address that will be used to receive a verification code to perform the authentication. A real bonus not having to manage an additional password.

What sound level for this Roidmi Eve Plus?

Yes, this robot is not the most discreet, however the noise level at average speed is still acceptable, not much louder than a Dyson Ball. Also, the sound level is simply a result of the suction power and this Roidmi breathes. With a suction power of 2700 Pa, a level equal to the Imilab V1. Not surprising because the robots are both from the same R&D. However, the Roidmi is less noisy than its cousin.

What autonomy does this robot vacuum cleaner have?

The robot has a 5200 mAh battery, a large capacity that gives it an autonomy that can go from 2 to 3 hours depending on the selected suction mode. Enough to clean a surface of about 250m² without having to recharge it according to the manufacturer. At home, I found that the robot is quite capable of cleaning a floor that is just over 60 m² without having to interrupt its cycle. However, while autonomy is fine for most homes, more uptime is expected given this significant on-board power reserve. Whose fault is it then? Perhaps the laser and motor mapping and the coating of sensors that continuously analyze associated with the powerful suction. If so, it is worth it because the robot has a great facility to navigate between obstacles without even hitting them.

As for recharging, it takes a good 3 hours before you have a full recharge. With a daily passage or even two if necessary, therefore, it is not a problem.

Should we fall in love with this Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum cleaner?

After several weeks of use it seduced me. Although it has similarities to the Imilab V1, this robot looks more accomplished and I would say even more of a higher quality. I was impressed by the cleaning qualities of the Imilab, but the Roidmi goes even further. It certainly has less autonomy than its cousin, but it does much better at managing space and its mobile application is clearly more complete and user-friendly. So yes, this robot is a very good vacuum robot. Finally, what about your station except that it makes a lot of noise when it picks up dirt from the vacuum, but it only lasts 30 seconds and is well worth it for the time saved on maintenance?

Marketed at a price of € 499, this Roidmi Eve Plus is available on Darty at the price of € 436 currently versus € 482 on Amazon.

The opinion of the dome-lab about this Roidmi Eve Plus

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A truly smart robot vacuum cleaner that brilliantly maps the rooms in the house and is not lacking in useful and powerful functions. Without a doubt one of the best robots that we have seen pass in the dome-lab test bench.

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