Roidmi Eve Plus: The price of this robot vacuum cleaner has been reduced!

Robotic vacuum cleaners have settled in our homes not only as a fashionable effect. It is true that they are very practical and often extremely effective, leaving us with many hours of free time. However, their price remains quite high, and when a good offer for a good product appears, you need to be able to use it! It is for this reason that today we bring you a big discount on a robot vacuum cleaner with an already impressive price-performance ratio: Roidmi Eve Plus. A short review of this vacuum-based robot vacuum cleaner and its super ads.

Roidmi is a Chinese company specializing in high-tech vacuum cleaners, whether they are robot vacuum cleaners or handheld vacuum cleaners. Since 2015, his influence on the estate has continued to grow, and today he has become a heavyweight in the market.

Inevitably, its only robot vacuum cleaner, the Roidmi Eve Plus, was especially neat, with impressive features at a very reasonable price. Right now and until 23:59 September 18, you can even use it for 50 euros cheaper with the code MTPX2FDH, which is a great opportunity to arm yourself with a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner.

Roidmi Eve: a complete robot vacuum cleaner with a base

Roidmi Eve Plus has a dump truck and is therefore already very interesting. Indeed, while a simple-recharge robot vacuum already saves a lot of time, the need to empty the dust container every time is somewhat restrictive. Here, the station has a three-liter dust collector that can contain dust from 2,000 m² of soil, which is enough for two to three weeks for a house of 95 to 140 m², and even more than a month for all living spaces less than 65 m².

As for the characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner itself, it is a real beast. It has, among other things, 30 sensors (including lidar) to navigate, plan the floor, organize its movements… We can add its 2700 Pa, very effective for sucking up the last crumb, as well as its mop and water tank, which will allow him to easily clean stains.

Roidmi Eve Plus is also well equipped with smart features. If he has not finished cleaning, but his battery is dead, he will automatically recharge at his base, remembering to vacuum the rest after the battery is fully charged. He will also be able to recognize passages that are too small for him (for example, the bottom of a sofa) and will be able to overcome obstacles up to 2 centimeters high. It can also be controlled using the Roidmi or Mi Home app, as well as by voice thanks to its compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa.

After this summary of the features of Roidmi Eve Plus, pay attention to what interests you so much: promotion. Roidmi Eve Plus is usually sold on Amazon for 398 euros, which is already very low (it is very rare to see a robot vacuum cleaner with an emptying station for less than 400 euros). But with the code MTPX2FDH you can take advantage of the 50€ discount, bringing the price down to just 348€! Be careful because this promotion is only valid until 23:59 on September 18, so don’t delay!

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