Roland-Garros with its 5000 NFTs sells space in Web 3

€200 NFTs to win 55 balls, tickets or professional matches. The promise that Roland-Garros is making to buyers of 5,000 non-fungible tokens that the tournament will put up for sale on May 19th is very simple.

By purchasing a virtual seat on the Chatrier court, the tennis player will not see the matches that take place there – there are real seats for this – but he will participate in lotteries with prizes specially designed for him. The idea is simple. But this is the first step of the French Tennis Federation in the very promising Web 3, a new digital momentum driven by blockchain technology.

Ready for the Metaverse

“Other Grand Slams are also working. We saw it at the start of the year at the Australian Open, which launched its own NFT collection, said Amélie Oudéa-Castera, general manager of the French Tennis Federation, which organizes the tournament. We know that we need to constantly strengthen our ties with fans, including those who may be geographically distant from Roland Garros. »

For example, licensed practitioners will have a reserved day on May 18 to purchase NFTs ahead of others. That way, they can (like everyone else the next day) view a 3D representation of the central Roland to select the virtual seat they want to buy.

“We want to make turns at the right time, elevate the game of our technology teams, be ready to create new experiences in the metaverse when the time comes,” explains Fédé’s CEO of Tennis. who surrounded themselves with a team of specialists (TurboDiesel, MetaSafe, Fomow) to make this sale a success.

5,000 NFTs (digital title deeds) are sold for 200 euros each on a specially created site. Unlike other similar transactions, a simple bank card will allow you to buy them, and in euros, and not in cryptocurrencies. The owner, who finally wants to get rid of his seat, repatriates it to his e-wallet and then puts it up for sale on Opensea.

Their holders will first be able to take part in a draw to win one of the 55 points played on the Philippe-Chatrier court in this edition of the tournament. Subsequently, other draws will allow players to play on the courts of Roland Garros, win tickets to the next Grand Slams in Paris and the Rolex Paris Masters, meet professional players, go behind the scenes of Roland Garros or attend other major tournaments. tennis competition.

“We feel like this is all going in the right direction to rejuvenate our fan communities,” says Amelie Oudea-Kastera. The world is changing, tennis must also develop. »

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