Roller Champions will have the right to a closed beta on February 17th

Do you remember that rather unusual roller skating game reminiscent of Rocket League from afar? Roller Champions developped by Ubisoft will finally make its appearance on console for the first time. Indeed, from February 17 if you signed up for the closed beta you might be lucky enough to try this game.

If you would like to have a chance to try the game for free, go to this address to register for the beta. Once done, you just have to be patient and wait for the fateful date February 17. During this period, you can try the Free To Play Roller Champions, if you are one of the lucky ones selected, and get a preview of the thrills of the arenas. Beta requires, all your progress will not be kept towards the final game. However, participating in this beta will allow you to earn exclusive rewards once the game is released. All this will certainly be possible thanks to Ubisoft Club.

Players participating in the Roller Champions Closed Beta will receive the permanent Assistant title upon release, as well as the Fresco outfit if they have completed the corresponding quest. All players who register on our website will also receive the Live Tester outfit when the game is released.

As you can see in the image above, you will have access to a few game modes, improved gameplay as well as the ability to create your character. Once this is done, you can finally play by following the simple rules: collect the ball, do a few laps, and score a goal / basket. However, to hope to make a complete turn, the road will be long and it will be necessary to be in symbiosis with your team. Indeed, an excellent collective agreement is essential to succeed in your matches. So do not play alone and never hesitate to make a pass or two, to tackle your opponents, because together, we go further.

Closed Beta Trailer

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