Romania: artisan engineer who turns thermal cars into electric ones

Here a Porsche or a 4×4 Defender is transformed into an electric car. It’s a crazy and successful bet by Marc Areni, a French engineer passionate about innovation who has been living in Romania for ten years. Report in their workshops in Pitesti, very close to the Dacia Renault factories.

Author: Benjamin Riboud. The do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit still bathes the soul of the company. It could be in any field, but Mark Aren wanted to make “unique things that don’t exist.” Taste for challenges and technology, as well as flair: the engineer quickly realized the potential of electric vehicles and Romania, a country where vehicle certification is much easier than in Western Europe. Today, Mark can “sell dreams” to his clients. “Often these are people who want to stand out and who have the funds for a luxury electric car because they want something unique”, (…)

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