Row. The Last of Us invites us to “seek the light” in a greyscale conclusion.

Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin’s The Last of Us is more than a classic survival story. The zombie apocalypse genre is used to explore the complexity of human relationships and the bonds that form as the world is inexorably torn apart. “In everything, The Last of Us reverses familiar concepts: it’s not so much a zombie series as it is a series with zombies. This is not so much a series about survival as a series about the meaning of real life, ”summarizes the profile edition of IndieWire. The ninth episode, broadcast on Monday, March 13 in France on Prime Video, is the conclusion of the first season, which he ended: it is full of contrasts.

Cultural website Vulture summarizes the story of the series as follows: “A father who lost his daughter and a daughter who never had a family find each other.” As its eloquent title “Seek the Light” indicates, this concluding chapter emphasizes that this filial love, however touching, can

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