RPA COVID Case Rise: The Mask Is Back

The use of a mask is once again mandatory in the common areas of nursing homes, in an attempt to stop a general increase in the number of cases.

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“It is a gradual increase, but very constant,” says pharmacist Diane Lamarre on the airwaves of LCN.

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“On Friday, we had 67 infected people in 20 private homes for the elderly, while today we already have 83 infected people in 23 private homes,” he continued.

The increase in cases is more visible in the RPAs than in the CHSLDs because the population living there has activities that promote transmission.

“RPAs are more affected by this increase in cases than CHSLDs because residents go out more frequently, receive people more frequently and there is traffic. In common areas and elevators, people are asked to wear a procedural mask, not a homemade mask, ”explained the pharmacist.

Find the entire Diane Lamarre column in the video above.


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