Rugby player missing in Barcelona: Levi Davis condemned sexual blackmail in a video broadcast and then deleted

In this document, the first openly bisexual professional rugby player films himself and denounces blackmail through a sex tape.

This video testimony was released just before his disappearance. It remained online for less than 24 hours before being removed.

Drugs, rape and threats

“Three years ago,” Levy says, “I became a ‘celebrity’ and among the people I met there was a man I won’t name… We started a relationship, a friendship. We saw each other several times, but the last time I was drugged and blackmailed. After that, I turned to my club for help and advice from my agent. I don’t blame anyone, because each of us makes our own decisions,” he says.

The young man explains that he was raped and drugged and that he has ceased to be himself. “I was looking for help, I went to the Police and asked them if they could help me… I realized that something was happening to me and that it was not good. »

Levi Davis tried to extricate himself from these problems by moving to Australia, but his alleged extortionists seem to have followed him there. In the video, he points out that behind this blackmail lies “organized crime of more than one person.” They signed me up and posted the footage on the dark web, and the blackmail continued. »

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