Rumbleverse To Launch Playground And Duos Mode Tomorrow

This week, Iron Galaxy’s Keenan Morales took to the official PlayStation Blog to talk about the new modes that will be available when Rumbleverse launches tomorrow, August 11, 2022. A free 40player fighting game will be available to play on PC. , PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as new modes in the form of Playground and Duos.

Launch of the Rumbleverse

Players will have one week to warm up and practice their favorite super moves before Season 1 kicks off on August 18, 2022. The Season 1 Battle Pass contains 100 rewards to unlock as you earn Fame and advance through the ranks.

“You are invited to Grapital City, where everyone lives for wrestling and dreams of becoming champions. Build your own unique fighter and get ready for a cannon blast where you and 39 other members will take to the streets of Grapital City to rumble. Rush through the streets and climb buildings in search of upgrades that can be found on every corner and on every rooftop of the city. Then choose a fight, hone your moves, knock out your opponents and be the last surviving Rambler. We really enjoyed watching you aspire to be the champion of the single player mode during our test sessions. The real fun starts on August 11th when Duos Mode launches. Fight side by side with a friend, share loot, protect each other and win together! “

Fashion Duos Rumbleverse

“Duos Mode takes all the actionpacked gameplay you know and love from our Solo Brawler Royale experience and turns it into something completely new. Each situation brings up a new set of strategic questions that you and your partner must answer. Want to risk landing in a hotspot like the Trophy Heights Water Tower to get all that loot? If one of you is kicked out, the other will be left without support, which will raise the stakes. Want to move and loot together? If you stay too close, you will collect and share items per player. If you get too divided, you may be vulnerable to sneak attacks from aggressive duos that will leave you outnumbered.”

Rumbleverse playground mode

“Want to explore the city at your own pace and perfect your moves? Looking for some tutorials on how to play before headbutting a giant cannon? Check out our free Playground mode. The city will be completely open for exploration. Look for training modules in different areas to learn the lessons of the gameplay. Take on hightech robots to unlock your inner champion. Explore on your own or with a friend. Enjoy Grapital City at your own speed. “

Source: Iron Galaxy

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