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Game sheet

Plug support:

Available on : a computer
Xbox One

Publisher: epic games

Developer: Iron Galaxy

Kind : battle royale

Multiplayer: Yes, you can only play online

European release: 2022-08-18 09:00:00

Classification: + 12 years

Note Console Fun: – / twenty

Player Rating: – / twenty

Medium Press: – / twenty


Rumbleverse is a battle royale developed by Iron Galaxy and edited epic games. The game offers an arena where 40 players will have to figure it out with their fists in order to be the last one standing. You can get bonuses to increase its capabilities and thus tip the scales in your favor.

Live Twitch streams

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This section displays all current Rumbleverse Twitch broadcasts from around the world. If a player is recording their game, you can easily see it here!

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