[RUMEUR] Fable Turns the Tables to Finally Move to Unreal Engine 5

Not so long ago there was an echo of too slow development for resurrection Fable Playground Games is to blame for the wrong homemade engine, no one doubts its quality, it’s just that what’s good for a cash game is not necessarily so for an RPG.

But while 343 Industries faced such a problem at one time with Halo Infinitethe lessons seem to have been learned at Xbox Game Studios: according to Jez Corden, the site had to be “rebooted” to translate to Unreal Engine 5, while maintaining the possibility that the structure (script, ideas, systems, etc.) or is saved.

VGC, which seems to have had the same echoes, indicates, according to its own sources, that it will be necessary to wait for the end of the generation to discover this great return, so basically from 2026/2027 that … Something to to occupy the team, as well as the Eidos Montreal team, which recently arrived as reinforcements.

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