[Rumeur] Super Mario 3D World reportedly listed on Switch by Best Buy

A few weeks ago, there were strong rumors that several Mario games were ported to Nintendo Switch on the occasion of the 35th birthday of the mustachioed plumber.

The famous Wario 64 posted an image on Twitter yesterday to reinforce these rumors. According to him, a file dedicated to Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch would exist in mask on the site of Best Buy reseller, present in North America. The title seems to be offered alone at the price of $ 59.99, and would therefore not be part of the alleged Super Mario All-Star 2, considered by the different sources. Obviously, we can only take our finest tweezers facing this publication, especially since we have not been able to see its presence for ourselves.

The listing is not activated, but there is a sheet for Super Mario 3D World on Switch at Best Buy. Its SKU (Consumer Sales Unit) is 6352130. It currently has a price of $ 60. Take it with tweezers, but given the rumors about Mario from a few weeks ago, it’s likely this game is coming.

As a reminder, Super Mario 3D World was released in 2013 on WiiU, and had been reissued in the Nintendo Selects range.


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