Rumor Dead Space 4 would be a worthy remake of the latest Resident Evil 2 and 3?

Rumors are hovering around Dead space. A new report claims the series’ purported reboot is heavily inspired by the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Of course, these are still rumors and you have to read this very carefully. It all started when Jeff Grubb (VentureBeat) claimed that EA Motive was working on bringing back the intellectual property of Dead space without specifying in what form. Additionally, Gematsu reported hearing from a different source than Jeff’s that the new space horror game would actually be a reboot rather than a sequel. You know, remakes are on the rise right now. Especially when you see the excellent work done by Capcom with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

Moreover, still according to Jeff Grubb, the remake of this franchise will be based on the original game but will have modern graphics. It will “probably bring new game mechanics inspired by other games in the franchise”. As a final step, EA recently updated the YouTube channel of Dead space. It had been over ten years since she was no longer active.

EA Play Live will take place on July 22, it is highly likely that if these rumors turn out to be true, the end of the story will be available on that day. In the meantime, is it just a coincidence? The reboot or a remake of this game would be really good as they were precursors on certain aspects of game design. Indeed, they were the first to offer diegetic gameplay with the life bar outside of a HUD.

Dead Space on video

More information on the latest rumors:

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