Russian hackers: in Mali, taxes are imposed on the affairs of thousands of taxpayers

Mali Melo

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The country’s main tax office has been the victim of a leak of documents relating to more than 312,000 taxpayers, initiated by Russian hackers close to the Kremlin. However, the two states have been in the process of diplomatic rapprochement for several months now.

The ransom demand went almost unnoticed. On the site of hackers from the Lockbit 2.0 group, one of the world’s most active cyber-extortionist franchises, red ads wedged between the hack of a British biotech company specializing in pig semen and the hack of an Indonesian national oil company. . The countdown is ticking with the same ominous message: “Five days and twelve hours until the documents are published.” This time, it is not a small company that is believed to be pirates close to Moscow that is extorting, but the Main Tax Directorate of the union government of Mali.

The count is not complete, on June 17 of this year, cybercriminals carry out their threat by publishing thousands of documents stolen from the tax authorities of Mali. However, the government had five more days to pay the ransom, the amount of which remained a mystery. Sometimes it is several tens of thousands of euros. Perhaps an agreement was not reached between the hackers and the victim, or the connection could not be established. In any case, there are more than 276 files, sometimes containing dozens of documents, including sensitive ones, that end up on the dark web.

Property income 8,227 taxpayers

Liberation managed to get acquainted with the contents of the loot. It reveals the list of positions of the General Directorate of Taxation of Mali, its organizational structure, the formulation of operational tasks, internal notes, reports…


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