Russian platform RuTube blocked again by cyberattack

LONDON (Reuters) – Russia’s video platform RuTube was blocked for the second day in a row on Tuesday in a cyberattack that it said was linked to May 9, 1945, the end of World War II in Europe.

The RuTube site, usually saturated with video content, is currently displaying a black image with a short message: “Attention! The site is undergoing technical work. The site has been attacked. At the moment the situation is under control. User data has been saved.”

The cyber attack was launched on Monday on the sidelines of Russian celebrations during which Russian President Vladimir Putin likened the conflict in Ukraine to the victory of the Soviet army over Nazi Germany.

“Someone really wanted to stop RuTube from showing the Victory Day parade and fireworks,” RuTube said. “It is not a sin to remember the battles our people have won. The battle for RuTube continues.”

The site called the cyberattack the worst in its history.

In another incident on Monday, a Russian satellite TV menu was hacked with reports of events in Ukraine.

“Your hands are covered in blood,” one message said, based on screenshots obtained by Reuters.

Since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine, Russian state-owned company websites and news sites have been hacked from time to time, often to spread information that contradicts Moscow’s official position on what it calls a “special military operation.”

RuTube stated that a large team was working on restoring the service and denied reports that the website’s source code had been lost.

The long outage is one of the reasons why Russia has not yet blocked Alphabet Inc.’s video site. on YouTube, despite repeated fines and warnings to the US service for removing some state-supported Russian channels and for not removing content that Moscow considers illegal. .

In early March, Russia restricted access to Twitter, Facebook, Meta Platform and Instagram.

(Reuters; French version by Dagmarah Mackos, edited by Sophie Luet)

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