Sable Coming to PlayStation 5 – Gamosaurus

Released on PC and Xbox in September 2021, Sable is coming to PlayStation 5. This new version of the game from Raw Fury will be available by the end of the year.

While it’s undeniable that Sable has a unique aesthetic, the fact remains that the content of the adventure game at the time of its release was somewhat disappointing. However, this mixed reception doesn’t seem to have discouraged Raw Fury, which is why they’re betting on a PS5 release this time around.

However, the game will not be released as the publisher promises additional content as well as features exclusive to the PlayStation. Therefore, we will see, among other things, support for DualSense functions, as well as the appearance of a fishing mini-game and related functions.

Remember that the exploration game puts us in the shoes of the young Sable. She who is her home to embark on an initiatory journey where she will traverse ancient monuments, ruined buildings and sunken ships from the depths of space. A story that is meant to be a metaphor for the transition to adulthood. Under these conditions, it is difficult to imagine what the very fact of being able to fish will actually bring to the game.

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