Sabotage and Kitfox Games alumni create Imugi studio in Quebec

Studio Imugi, a new development studio in Quebec.

Creative director Jongwoo Kim, executive producer Martin Brouard and interactive storytelling researcher Quinn Kybartas have teamed up to create Studio Imugi. They are currently working on their first project, an unannounced strategy game slated for release in late 2024.

So, as you might expect, the industry is doing very well at the local and provincial level. If the COVID-19 pandemic has dampened the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs somewhat, it looks like it has begun again. Not that the pandemic is over, far from it, but we are getting used to living with it. The business is picking up and with it new video game studios are opening in Quebec and Canada.

If we don’t know much about their first game yet, Studio Imugi did show a preview to those who attended the Catapult event and the reviews are rave reviews.

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