Sabrina Perkis: despite three doses of vaccine, she announces she has tested positive for Covid-19 and shows serious symptoms

On Wednesday, July 21, Jean Castex announced that people who received two doses of the vaccine can no longer be considered contacts. The reason? “The analysis carried out on these people shows that in reality they no longer have a chance of contracting this disease,” the Prime Minister explained on the 13th broadcast of TF1. However, in recent days, several vaccinated celebrities have tested positive. Like Capucine Anav, who contracted the Delta variant despite two injections, or recently Sabrina Perquis, the former Secret Story nominee. Suffering from cystic fibrosis, the latter is considered at risk of contracting the virus from China. Thus, she was one of the first to receive two doses. The former reality TV star has even gotten a third! But that didn’t stop her from getting sick.

Basically, Sabrina Perkis was filming a video to announce the details of the upcoming operation. But while she was filming herself, the doctor interrupted her. After a few minutes, she shared the bad news: “My surgery tomorrow has just been canceled because my PCR test came back positive. I have three vaccines … Great! I am waiting for the doctor to return to tell me that it is so. Either I stay here under observation, or I go home, and we postpone the operation for at least two / three weeks. I am very glad … ”- complained Loes’s mother.

As health authorities constantly remind (…)

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