Sackboy A Big Adventure: Tournaments and Rewards for Everyone on PS5

Game news Sackboy A Big Adventure: Tournaments and Rewards for Everyone on PS5

Since its launch, Sackboy: A Big Adventure has been particularly discreet … It must be said that it was hidden in the shadow of Demon’s Souls Remake and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales among others. However, that is not why Sumo Digital stopped working on production. Indeed, the platformer for all audiences will soon host small tournaments.

It is therefore from May 1 that the little budding sackripants will be able to compete in a new series of tournaments organized by PlayStation. These, as you can imagine, will therefore take place on the PlayStation 5 version of Sackboy: A Big Adventure and will allow you to earn nice rewards such as collectibles or even outfit items.

The platform game will therefore offer you, from May 1, until January 2022, five new obstacle courses (inspired by the Chevaliers Maillés events) which will be repeated every two months. The best ranked players at the end of the various trials will therefore receive nice gifts.

The rewards according to ranks

  • Bronze: collectibles for all participants
  • Silver : An outfit for the fastest 50%
  • Gold : An outfit for the fastest 30%
  • Platinum: An element of outfit for the fastest 15%
  • Diamond: An element of outfit for the fastest 5%

Note that the rewards are obviously cumulative – being a Diamond also allows you to win the rewards of the previous ranks – and that each event allows you to obtain gifts. Completing the five challenges every two months ensures you have at least five collectibles.

How to access these different tests? It’s simple, just go to the challenge activity cards available in the hub of your console or go to the Mesh Knights area of ​​the game.

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