Saint-Just-en-Chassey and Clermont: two drug dealers killed by gendarmes

Drug trafficking in the imagination of people is the prerogative of secret residential complexes in big cities. But even in the village, drugs are the subject of transactions. This weekend, the Clermont brigade spoke about the operation carried out in recent days to combat offenses, which has borne fruit. In total, six people were detained.

Soldiers of the Gendarmerie Observation and Intervention Platoon (PSIG) of Clermont first surrounded a building in the city of Saint-Just-en-Chausé with a group of Oise dog breeders on Wednesday 16 November. They acted at the request of prosecutor Beauvais. They are on the stairs of a house in Rue des Equelletes. The dog marks one of the doors.

About 1.5 kg of cannabis (483.9 g of resin and 946.3 g of grass), a tobacco and cannabis coffee grinder, a precision scale, two telephones and 255 euros in liquid were found in the apartment. The trial of the 33-year-old occupier will take place on December 8 in a pleading guilty plea (PPC) appearance.

A rifle and two pistols were found during a search

A few days later, it was in Clermont that the gendarmes conducted an investigation. Other drug trafficking was reported 15 km from the first intervention. Several people are in the line of fire. After a physical observation that confirmed the collected information, on Monday, November 21, the investigators took action. Five people aged 21 to 32 were detained in turn.

Searches carried out in their homes revealed 144.14 g of cannabis resin, 0.8 g of weed, 1000 euro banknotes, a 22 LR rifle, 24 rounds of ammunition, ten packs of cigarettes, two handguns with blanks, a coffee grinder and bags used to pack drugs for resale.

Two of them will soon appear before the CRPC for drug trafficking and cigarette smuggling. The remaining three were summoned to initiate criminal proceedings. Their role in the traffic has not been established, one admitted to being a consumer, the other two resold to finance their personal consumption.

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