Sales of electric vehicles in Europe are slowing down

The car market is bad. Last month, new car sales fell 17% from June 2021, according to data compiled by Jato Dynamics. Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids have not been left out, with an 8% drop compared to June 2021. for the same period last year, down from 233,000 registrations in June 2021 to 215,000 in June this year.

Battery-powered cars and plug-in hybrids may have experienced one of the biggest downturns since April 2020, but the fact remains that their market share has increased from 18% to 20%.

With 24,488 registered units, the Peugeot 208 takes first place on the podium, ahead of the Dacia Sandero with 24,299 registrations. To find the electric car’s footprint in the overall standings, you need to drop to ninth place, which is occupied by the Tesla Model Y. Last month, the SUV recorded 16,687 registrations. Much lower we find the Fiat 500e with 7269 registrations, up 43% from June 2021. The Tesla Model 3 arrives just after registering 6,176 vehicles last month, Elon Musk’s electric sedan also recorded a substantial 76% drop. .

Jato Dynamics - June 2022

Plug-in hybrid cars are less successful. Ford Kuga – the first PHEV in the ranking – was registered in just 3952 units, down 38%. Then comes the Kia Sportage, then the Cupra Formentor, with 2,881 and 2,833 sold respectively.

Some manufacturers suffer from component shortages more than others. They are unable to manufacture their vehicles and therefore cannot fulfill orders or deliver them in a timely manner.

According to Volkswagen Group CFO Arno Antlitz, the chip crisis will not be resolved before 2024. The German manufacturer thought things would be back to normal in 2023, but he’s more pessimistic now.

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