Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse remastered for 2023

Third season of adventure Sam and Maxentitled Devil’s Theatershould benefit from updated version 2023. Studio Skunkape Games presented a short teaser of the updated game on its YouTube channel.

The two detectives continue their return in HD. The Sam the Dog and Max the Rabbit trilogy should conclude with this remaster of The Devil’s Playhouse, originally released in 2010 and the sequel to Save The World and Beyond Time And Space. These two games, the first two seasons of the trilogy, were first released in 2007. They were updated in December 2020 and 2021 respectively.

For 2023, we will have the right to close the video game trilogy, an adaptation based on the comic book of the same name. We should be able to continue the episodic adventures of animal detectives on Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S and PC just like previous remakes.

Fans of the game should enjoy the same point and click system, HD graphics, always-on comedies, jokes they may have missed in 2010 but most of all official french subtitles. The game, developed by Telltale Games before the studio closed in 2018, is now in the care of a small team of former Telltale members called Skunkape Games.

At the moment there is no specific release date, the game is only scheduled for 2023. There are only a few months left to complete the first two seasons of the detective duo who share the same brain.

Tarek Diouri-Adekin is the Research and Operations Editor for IGN France. A big fan of manga and anime, the journalist has an artistic soul. He does not know everything, but he knows what he knows. JRPG is also his theme. You can sometimes find him on his Twitter.

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