Samsung achieves top speed at 10 km for 5G mmWave in Australia

Samsung has announced that it has reached the maximum speed over 10 km for 5G MMWave in Australia.

The company said this is the longestrange 28GHz 5G mmWave fixed wireless access (FWA) connection they have registered to date.

“The results of these trials with Samsung are an important milestone and demonstrate how we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to support digital experiences in Australia,” said Ray Owen, CTO of NBN Co. evolution of our network to expand its coverage to benefit homes and businesses across the country, we are excited to showcase the potential of 5G mmWave. nbn will be one of the first in the world to deploy 5G mmWave technology at this scale, and advances such as Samsung’s 10km milestone will pave the way for the ecosystem to grow further.”

As part of its A$750m investment in nbn’s fixed wireless network (A$480m from the Australian Government and an additional A$270m from nbn), nbn will leverage software enhancements and advances in 5G technology, and in specific 5G mmWave technology to expand existing fixed wireless coverage to 50 percent and introduce two new wholesale highspeed tiers.

Samsung has achieved 1.75Gbps at 10km and 61.5Mbps uplink, you can see more details on Samsung website at the link below.


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