Samsung Bespoke Gets New SidebySide Refrigerator

Samsung has announced that Samsung Bespoke Home products will receive a new custommade SidebySide refrigerator. Samsung continues to expand its range of consumer appliances for the kitchen and laundry.

Modern Bespoke SidebySide flat doors with recessed handles are a stylish new choice for SidebySide refrigerators. You can choose between two popular Bespoke door finishes: white glass or fingerprintresistant stainless steel.

In addition to the stylish custommade design, the refrigerator offers new, intuitive food storage features in the sidebyside category. New Auto Open Door sensors make it easier to open large refrigerator doors. With just a light touch on the door handles, the refrigerator doors will swing open, making it easier to unload food or take food out of the refrigerator when your hands are full.

With a Samsung Beverage Center™ dispenser inside your refrigerator and an AutoFill water pitcher, refreshing cold filtered water is always at hand. You can also flavor your water with fruit infusions, or brew iced iced tea in the fridge using the infuser built into the pitcher. The Beverage Center™ is complemented by our dual automatic ice maker that delivers both ice cubes and smaller Ice Bites™ to chill drinks faster.

You can find out more information about the new Samsung Bespoke SidebySide Refrigerator on the Samsung website at the link below.


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