Samsung brings artificial intelligence to home appliances

Samsung has just taken a further step in the pursuit of innovation by offering smart washing machines for sale.

Samsung Electronics, specializes in the manufacture of electronic products a décidé d’intégrer l’Intelligence Artificielle (IA) à certains appareils électroménagers that l’entreprise produit, notamment des lave-linges ultra-performants assisted par l’IA et offrant une efficacité énergétique on end.

“Samsung Electronics Ldt, innovates again and designs the new AI EcoBubble TM washers using and complying with artificial intelligence standards to facilitate and optimize their use as much as possible,” the company said in its note.

Samsung wants to revolutionize the world of washing machines by offering its loyal users revolutionary, intuitive and easy-to-use devices, through this new technology.

According to the company, this new washing machine meets the expectations of consumers around the world, who take into account three main factors when buying a washing machine, according to a study carried out by it. It’s all about energy efficiency, wash time, and smart, easy control. Therefore, once these three elements have come to light, Samsung has implemented a completely new concept of washing machines that meet the requirements of users through the use of artificial intelligence, to clean with less energy, time and effort.

The artificial intelligence control allows you to wash clothes efficiently by memorizing preferences and suggesting personalized cycles adapted to the type of fabric.

Samsung has also thought of a SmartThings application that offers remote control of the new range of AI EcoBubbleTM machines and that allows you to take advantage of the functionalities of the latter from the comfort of your smartphone, with a view to facilitation and transformation. daily life of its users.

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