Samsung Galaxy S22: €261 if you buy it now from Bouygues Telecom –

At Bouygues Telecom, you can significantly reduce the cost of your smartphone by purchasing it with the Sensation plan. The tariff will not only be reduced. You can also pay in installments thanks to the free payment solution.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, the bare smartphone costs €699 from the carrier. With the Sensation 170 GB package and the €80 refund offer, its price drops to €261. Depending on your budget, you can pay in cash. However, it is also possible to spread the payment over 24 months free of charge. In this case, you pay 149 euros when ordering (69 euros after reimbursement) and the rest in monthly installments of 8 euros per month.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S22 for 261 €: how to proceed!

The first step is to go to Bouygues Telecom’s offer page. There you will be asked to choose the color you prefer for your phone. There are five colors to choose from: pink, green, black, white and purple.

You will then need to select the Sensation plan you want to buy with your smartphone. The Sensation 170GB package is usually preselected as this is the offer that allows you to find the Galaxy S22 at the listed price. If not, feel free to choose it.

Don’t forget to put YES in the corresponding field if you are already a Bbox customer. This will allow you to take advantage of the -6€ monthly discount off your subscription price. Same for the “I keep my number” part. If you want to keep the current number, check YES.

Now, just below, choose how you want to pay for your phone. Three options are available:

  • 0% Smartphone Financing: This is a new offer from Bouygues Telecom that allows you to finance the purchase of a new mobile phone by paying as little as 1 euro on order and then variable monthly payments depending on the duration of the financing. For example, for 24 months, monthly payments will be 14.17 euros per month.
  • Free payment method: This option allows you to pay €149 now (€69 after refund) and then €8 per month for 24 months.
  • Cash: You pay €341 (€261 after refund) and that’s it.
  • After choosing the payment method, all that remains is to confirm the order by clicking “Add to Cart”.

    Note that the Samsung Galaxy S22 price of €261 comes from a combination of three different discounts:

    • – €288 discount with Sensation 170 GB package;
    • – Immediate €150 discount for 90 GB or more plan subscription (valid until October 16);
    • 80 € refunded.

    Take advantage of this good plan

    Samsung Galaxy S22: compact and powerful

    The Galaxy S22 is the basic version of three smartphones launched by Samsung in February 2022. This is a high-end model that attracts both with its compact and elegant design and excellent technical description.

    Its 6.1-inch 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED screen is smooth and bright. Its Exynos 2200 processor coupled with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage makes it fast and efficient when multitasking. Its three 50+10+12MP sensors show versatility and excellent low-light performance. And its 3700mAh battery with 25W fast charging provides enough autonomy to take full advantage of the device throughout the day.

    Sensation 170GB Bundle: A Complete and Generous Data Offer

    This 24-month commitment package is 5G compatible. It includes 170 GB of data in metropolitan France, of which 80 GB can be used from Europe and DOM zones, as well as Switzerland. Calls and SMS are also unlimited in France, as well as from the aforementioned areas. Finally, this package allows you to make unlimited calls to landlines in 120 different countries.

    The Sensation 170 GB package costs €31.99 per month for one year and then €48.99 per month. With the €6 discount, Bbox subscribers will pay €25.99 per month for the first year and then €42.99 per month.

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