Samsung Galaxy S23: we know prices in Europe and it’s not good for your wallet –

The Galaxy S23, which will be officially presented next week in San Francisco, has almost nothing to hide from us. We already know the technical data of the three planned models. Currently, the only information we are slowly discovering is prices and release date.

Some last week Billbil Kuhn published on Twitter the estimated price list of the new Galaxy S23, in which rising prices in Europe. According to another tweet, this time by leader Roland Quandt, the increase appears to have been confirmed, although the listed prices are not identical to those of Billbil-kun.

Higher prices for the Galaxy S23

The fee schedule that Roland Quandt shared with us was provided to him spanish retailer. But if this is proven, the French prices for the Galaxy S23 should also match this.

Here’s how much Samsung’s new flagship smartphones are expected to cost:

  • Galaxy S23 (8/128 GB): €959

  • Galaxy S23 (8/256 GB): €1,019

  • Galaxy S23+ (8/256 GB): €1209

  • Galaxy S23+ (8/512 GB): €1,329

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra (8/256 GB): €1,409

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/512GB): €1,589

If this price list is confirmed, the base Galaxy S23 will cost 100 € more than its predecessor Galaxy S22 (€859), Galaxy S23+ 150 € more that the Galaxy S22+ (€1059) and Galaxy S23 Ultra will also be 150 € more
than the Galaxy S22 Ultra (1259 euros).


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