Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7: towards a blood sugar analysis?

Connected watches have gained in versatility and are oriented towards health. The Apple Watch Series 6 for example, measures the level of oxygen in the blood, it can also perform an ECG, analyze the quality of sleep as well as physical form.

A sensor to control blood sugar?

Other functions would be under study and in particular a system for measuring daily blood sugar (blood sugar level), which is essential in cases of diabetes.

Apple would not be the only one working on the subject, Samsung could also introduce this function on the next Galaxy Watch, at least according to the information gathered by ETNews. Blood sugar is most often measured by taking a drop of blood from the tip of the finger. A method that is obviously not suitable for connected watches. Instead, manufacturers would rely on the optical sensor to make this measurement.

It remains to know the reliability of the system, because the stakes are high and the consequences can be very serious in the event of an error. We may have more details on the subject in the weeks and months to come, for now the information is succinct. ETnews only specifies that Samsung has already worked on the subject by developing a technology based on Raman spectroscopy. This method consists of analyzing the wavelength of a laser when it crosses a substance, in this case blood.

Source: ETNews

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