Samsung launches a new kind of SSD for enterprise servers

Samsung presented this Wednesday a new SSD with Zoned Namespace (ZNS) technology intended for corporate servers. The new PM1731a comes in a 2.5-inch form factor, has two ports, and will be available with 2 or 4TB storage. The SSD was designed with the company’s sixth generation V-NAND technology.

Its main point of differentiation from other SSDs is that it uses ZNS technology, based on the specifications set by the NVMe organization. ZNS technology separates storage space into independent “zones”. Data with similar usage and frequency of access is grouped and stored in the same area. It differs from regular SSDs which randomly write data to storage.

Since the new SSD does not need to move and reorganize data, ZNS SSDs can greatly reduce the number of write operations, making them more efficient and giving them a longer lifespan. Samsung management says its new SSD can achieve a write amplification factor – the ratio of the actual writes made by the drive to those requested by the host – close to one.

A long service life

This is a major improvement over typical server SSDs with a write amplification factor of between three and four, claims the South Korean tech giant. This means the PM1731a will last up to four times longer than its conventional NVMe counterparts, Samsung added.

The presence of the ZNS also eliminates the need to overprovision or reserve storage space for background tasks, which means users will be able to use all of the available storage space, the company adds. Samsung will begin mass production of its ZNS SSDs in the second half of the year.

The company adds that it will make its ZNS technology available to the xNVMe user library. It will also be available on the Intel Storage Performance Development Kit community. Last month, Samsung announced that it had developed a CXL interface DRAM module. In April, the company launched its first SAS-4 enterprise SSD.

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