Samsung showcases new 200MP ISOCELL image sensor (video)

Samsung has a new 200MP ISOCELL image sensor to be used in smartphones and we expect it to be used in Samsung’s next flagship device.

Samsung decided to use its new 200megapixel camera to capture a photo of a cat that is 28 meters wide and 22 meters high. The photo was then placed on a giant billboard.

Because the photo was taken with a test board, the photographer first checked the screen and adjusted the composition. The engineers then changed the settings to optimize exposure and focus. While watching the cat’s movements, the film crew used various methods to take a series of shots. Photographer Hyunjun Kim was curious to see the result, as 200MP resolution isn’t easy to achieve, even with DSLRs. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the raw image upscaled to 100%,” said Hyunjun Kim. “I was really struck by the level of detail. At that moment, I realized that all the prejudices that I had before regarding smartphone photography turned out to be wrong.

The printing process was far from easy, as it is obvious that a 616 square meter image cannot be printed immediately. The painting had to be printed on twelve separate pieces of fabric 2.3 meters long and then stitched together. The printout was then transported by truck and installed on the wall of the building with a crane.

We look forward to learning more about Samsung’s new 200MP ISOCELL image sensor, as well as which device it will be used on first.


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