Samsung Unveils Micro LED TVs at CES 2023 – And We’ve Just Learned How They’re Going Bigger

Along with an updated lineup of Neo QLED and OLED TVs, Samsung unveiled a 76-inch version of its Micro LED display at CES 2023. It’s the smallest Micro LED display people will be able to buy.

While the Micro LED CX display looked as eye-catching as ever on the show floor, the allure is slightly overshadowed by the fact that the technology is still too expensive for most consumers. Silver lining? Samsung says it probably won’t always be that way; In fact, the launch of the 76-inch configuration could be a big step towards the spread of Micro LED.

When Samsung first introduced The Wall, a giant 146-inch screen, buyers may have been less concerned about price than about where they could fit a TV of that size. But as Samsung has begun scaling Micro LED displays to “normal” sizes (they were introduced in 86-inch configurations last year), the technology has become more affordable in terms of installation.

This applies even more to the 76-inch Micro LED CX, which could be mistaken for the new Samsung QN95C Neo QLED TV or Samsung S95C OLED TV if you weren’t paying close attention. Unlike all the Samsung Micro LED TVs we’ve seen before, this one looks like it could be displayed alongside QLED and OLED at Target or Best Buy.

Of course, upon closer inspection, we saw that the Micro LED CX image stands out among the types of OLED TVs and QLED TVs we routinely test in our lab.

“It’s brighter, it’s got perfect black levels, it’s perfect viewing from any angle, it’s perfect color reproduction, it’s perfect color saturation, its thickness to the millimeters, everything about it is phenomenal,” said Dan Shinazi, director of product planning for Samsung TV.

As a reminder, Micro LED combines the very best of OLED—self-emitting technology, perfect blacks, and outstanding colors—while eschewing organic compounds. This means Micro LED panels are extremely thin and capable of delivering outstanding viewing angles.

While this all sounds great, Micro LED’s position as an emerging display technology means that it is currently not suitable for a large scale production line. However, an underappreciated update to how Samsung manufactures Micro LED TVs could propel products towards the mass market.

“There are several new manufacturing techniques regarding how they attach LEDs,” Shinazi said. “They take them off the chip and attach them to the wafers, and with a laser, instead of just attaching them one by one – there are millions of LEDs – they do it with lasers that can do it 15 times faster. . By doing this faster, they can produce them more efficiently and faster, reducing costs. So when costs come down, it is theoretically possible to produce smaller sizes.”

Samsung even showcased smaller Micro LED TVs in 63- and 50-inch configurations at CES; however, these sizes will not be available for purchase in 2023.

“This is more of a proof of concept,” Shinazi said. “Micro LED is a big screen experience. In some cases, you even see Micro LED replacing the traditional cinema. It can scale to something this big and it’s really impressive.”

For now, Micro LED remains reserved for premium customers. If you can afford it, it’s an elevated view of TV that can ruin all your other TVs.

“The consumer can enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience that is not possible at home,” said Lydia Cho, head of marketing at Samsung TV. “Now it is available to customers. What’s really interesting is that he’s the best of the best.”

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