Samsung Unveils Next Generation Memory Solutions at Flash Memory Summit 2022

Samsung has unveiled its nextgeneration memory solutions at the Flash Memory Summit 2022, which is taking place in Santa Clara, California from August 24.

At the event, Samsung announced its new memorysemantic SSD that delivers up to 20x faster random read speeds and latency when used in AI and machine learning applications.

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in advanced memory technology, today unveiled a range of nextgeneration memory and storage technologies at the Flash Memory Summit 2022, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California, August 24. In a keynote presentation titled “Memory Innovation Towards the Big Data Era”, Samsung identified four areas of technology advancement that are driving the big data market – data movement, data storage, data processing and data management – and introduced its advanced memory solutions. for each area. .

In order to maximize the efficiency of the data center in a world increasingly dependent on data, Samsung has introduced a new generation of storage technology called “Petabyte Storage”. The new solution will allow a single server unit to pack more than one petabyte of storage, allowing server manufacturers to dramatically increase storage capacity in the same footprint with a minimum number of servers. A high server load will also help reduce power consumption.

You can learn more about Samsung’s latest memory solution on the company’s website at the link below.


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