Samsung’s new virtual avatar is called G.NUSMAS.

Samsung has unveiled its new virtual avatar called G∙NUSMAS. According to Samsung, this new camera avatar is from a distant planet.

The new G∙NUSMAS is a bluecolored alien designed to help Samsung connect with the younger generation.

Samsung created G∙NUSMAS to connect with the younger generation, specifically Millennial and Generation Z (MZ) consumers. “Borrowing the idea from an internet meme that shows customers’ tender interest in Samsung Electronics, a friendly and cuddly avatar has been released into the world.said Yu. H. Li, director of marketing and head of global marketing at Samsung Electronics. “By allowing our quirky and brilliant alien to show the public the different sides of Samsung, I hope our consumers can get to know our brand better.”

The name “G∙NUSMAS” is “Samsung” spelled backwards. His home planet Nowus129, a planet 100 million lightyears from Earth, is also a reference to the company’s headquarters address, 129 Suwon in South Korea, spelled backwards.

Samsung is planning to release a series of short videos detailing the story behind the creation of G∙NUSMAS, from its birth to its accidental arrival on Earth. Follow G∙NUSMAS and see how he works, plays and experiences at Samsung headquarters. G∙NUSMAS’ bright and cheerful personality will shine in the video as he sings, dances and interacts with various Samsung devices, from jumping on a monitor to dancing on a smartphone screen.

You can learn more about the new Samsung G∙NUSMAS virtual avatar on the Samsung website at the link below.


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