Sand: Xbox exclusive drops the mask in riveting new video

Game News Sand: Xbox exclusive drops the mask in riveting new video

Posted on 9/15/2021 10:09 AM

Small game from the Shedworks studio, Sable will be released very soon on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series with the full support of Microsoft. A new video today allows us some additional details about its mechanisms.

If Sable’s announcement isn’t new (it was during E3 2018, to be precise), the game was pretty quiet before charging back this year. Something logical since this exclusivity from Microsoft will go on sale in a few days and communication about it should be accentuated to attract the largest number.


This new video sheds light on a very important gear in the game: the masks. In the world of Sable, all the inhabitants are equipped with them and our protagonist will not be an exception to the rule: therefore, various items will be found by collecting the three corresponding badges, which will then be available. These objects will therefore be a true cultural representation, indicating to the world who you are and testifying to a certain presence, as well as being decorative.

Sable, a promising adventure game

It goes without saying that Sable is software that tries to stand out for its artistic direction. Very particular, close to the pencil drawing and especially in the style of the designer Jean Giraud, alias Mœbius, it immerses us in a desert universe that borrows the tenors of science fiction, strewn with ruins of ancient civilizations and gigantic remains of ships. An adventure game that has also been approached through a playable demo, here is our complete guide.

As a reminder, Sable will be released on September 23 for Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It will also be offered from the day it arrives on Xbox Game Pass.

Sand: Xbox exclusive drops the mask in riveting new video

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