Sani Abacha: US returns over $20 million worth of stolen assets to Nigeria

The Federal Republic of Nigeria received $23 million from the United States. This is part of the money stolen by General Sani Abacha during his reign at the head of this English-speaking West African country. The restitution of this production was concluded by an agreement between the two countries concerned dated 23 August. Under this agreement, the US agreed to return to the Federal Republic of Nigeria all the money hidden by General Abacha in the US.

As part of this cooperation, the two partner countries agreed on the projects in which this money will be invested, as well as on the measures to be taken to ensure that this money is used in a transparent manner. Sani Abacha became President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993 in a coup. He ruled from 1993 until his death in 1998 at the age of 54. Sani Abacha, a father of 10, used the property of the Nigerian federation to enrich himself. He hid this fortune in various banks around the world. He was unable to use this loot until his death, the cause of which remains unknown.

The United States and the Bailiwick of Jersey returned $311,797,866.11 to the Federal Republic of Nigeria last May. This amount is intended to accelerate the construction of the Lagos-Ibadan highway, the Abuja-Kano road and the second Niger bridge. It was paid directly to entrepreneurs, without the intervention of hemicycles, ministries, departments and departments (MDA). The government explained that it did this to prevent misappropriation of the money.

“So you have three major PIDF projects that we have been able to fund directly to the contractor through the Nigerian State Investment Authority (NSIA). And the Nigerians have seen the truth about it, we don’t need to brag or talk about it because they see it. Whether it’s the second bridge over the Niger, the Lagos-Ibadan highway or Abuja-Kano, they know the work is underway, it’s not in dispute, ›› said Ajuri Ngelale, senior special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari for public affairs.

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