Sanitary pass: explosion of orders for QR Code readers

The implementation of the health pass in France is the heyday of suppliers of QR Code readers reports AFP, for whom some of them have recorded an increase of 40 to 60% in the rate of orders.

QR Code readers look like smartphones. But they only contain the TousAntiCovid Verified application, the application recommended by the government to control health passes.

Still, the use of a machine of this kind is not an obligation for companies subject to the health pass. Because it is possible to install and use TousAntiCovid Verified on any smartphone.

Simplify the task

Still, these boxes simplify the task, by avoiding asking employees who check health passes to use their own phones.

The terminals manufactured by Famoco, one of the providers of these hardware solutions, are usually used for contactless payment or identity verification. They are billed at € 199 per unit.

Faced with demand, some companies now offer rentals instead of sales. This is particularly the case with the company Weecop, a specialist in contactless payment at festivals and trade fairs. Tax-free rental is possible for 9.99 euros per day per device.

Note that to equip themselves, the Paca region offers assistance to cafes, restaurants, places of culture and leisure areas. The aid must reach an amount of 300 to 500 euros. The regional council expects a total expenditure of around 1.5 million euros.

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