Saskatchewan Prison New COVID-19 Outbreak | Coronavirus

The press release says the outbreak has affected a medium security unit.

IN SCC says rapid screening tests are used to detect infections as quickly as possible.

IN SCC is currently rolling out the second phase of its vaccination strategy and offering COVID-19 vaccines to prisoners and facility staff., can be read in the press release.

This new outbreak affected the lives of the inmates in the correctional facility. According to Zoe Christmas, a volunteer with Access to Books, based in Montreal, prisoners are not allowed to visit the library.

She says she sent the books to the inmate who asked for them, but her package was returned to her.

I was told that Sudoku should not be given to prisoners for security reasons, but in my opinion, this is an excuse to limit the rights of prisoners.

Zoe Christmas believes that the lack of entertainment for prisoners is a real problem, especially when other libraries in Winnipeg and Ontario have been able to send packages to other centers.

A service that Andre Puillevre’s father understands because he has worked as a volunteer in Saskatchewan prisons for over 40 years.

These are people who feel forgotten, abandoned, or even rejected. These feelings have serious consequences for the behavior of prisoners in prisons.– says Father Poilevre.

The Saskatchewan Penitentiary System’s Mid-Security Division currently has 24 active cases and one inmate has died.

With information from Cathy Saint-Jean.

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