Satellite internet: Starlink makes its package more competitive

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service provider, is changing its commercial policy. The operator, which renewed its operating license in June, announced this week to its subscribers that it is halving its monthly subscription from €99 to €50. In addition, it eliminates subscription shipping costs that were raised in France at the same time as the price increase of the connection kit (634 euros instead of 499 euros), which cannot be rented.

data consumption limitation

These successive changes seem to indicate that Starlink is struggling to find the right commercial formula. These price changes are accompanied by another significant change. The access provider has decided to limit its users’ data consumption to 250 GB per month from October 2022, allowing itself to slow down beyond that level, as mobile operators do with their unlimited data packages. The stated goal is to ensure “fair use” of the service, in other words, to prevent bandwidth monopolization by the largest consumers.

Starlink is conveniently offering these large consumers the option to pay an extra €10 per month for every 100GB above the 250GB ceiling.


Recurring search for a profitable business model, or higher bandwidth demand than supply due to not being rolled out fast enough? In any case, Starlink is not the only operator practicing consumption restrictions. And if his connection kit remains expensive compared to the rest of the market, the price of his kit becomes more competitive.

Nordnet, a subsidiary of Orange, offers a €59.90 per month subscription at 100 Mbps with a 150 GB ceiling up to which the connection has priority. The fastest Numerisat (50Mbps) 100GB package sells for €89.90 per month, but deals start at €12.90 for 10GB, which is anecdotal for a fixed connection and 30Mbps download speed. , The fastest offer (40 Mbps) from German SkyDSL, which does not limit volumes, costs 39.90 euros per month and offers 50 Mbps as an option. Starlink, which does not impose any obligations, only reports download speeds of “50 Mbps to 250 Mbps”.

According to Avicca, there are 50,000 satellite Internet subscribers in mainland France, including about 4,000 Starlink subscribers.

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