Saudi Aramco says its data is stored on the darknet for a $ 50 million ransom, points to an “entrepreneur.”

The company confirmed to AP on Wednesday that “Recently it became known about the indirect disclosure of a limited amount of corporate data by third-party contractors. “ The contractor has not been identified and it is unclear if the data was obtained by tampering, leakage or otherwise.

“We confirm that the release of the data was not caused by a disruption to our systems, did not affect our operations, and the company continues to maintain a strong position in the field of cybersecurity,” he said. This is stated in a statement by Aramco.

Files believed to be owned by the company began popping up on dark websites on Tuesday, and it also took $ 50 million in crypto to delete the data. Who demanded the ransom is unknown.

Aramco is valued at approximately $ 1.8 trillion. The company has been subject to cyberattacks in the past, blamed on Iran by the US and Saudi Arabia. In 2017, a virus damaged computers of Sadara, a joint venture between Aramco and the American company Dow Chemical Co. Officials said it could be another version of Shamoon, the virus that forced the Saudi oil giant to shut down its network in 2012. and destroy about 30,000 computers.

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